Friday, 09 April 2010

Tag Cloud Sphere Leak

This is a VERY early version of the cloud sphere implementation in the HTML5 <canvas> element.

It's NOT optimised, NOT cleaned up.. and doesn't react to mouse clicks yet, but it should all come in soon. For now I'm just displaying that it's possible, and it works :)

Apart from the fact that it works only in the browsers that support HTML5 (duh!), it may have it's own quirks in some browsers. For example in Firefox the letters have a strange cyan-ish outline, and don't move very smooth. I've managed to fix it in Chrome though by rotating the canvas very slightly, but it was enough to force Chrome to render them differently.

Wasn't tested a lot (and I don't have a mac to test it there), so any feedback, advice and other comments will be greatly appreciated :)

P.S. Oh yeah, this is not a public release yet, so I'm not listing all the sources, but I've been taking ideas and some formulas from places.. All references will be accounted for when it's released.. I PROMISE :P