Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Public announcement: The Big Bang

I'm updating the DNS entries, so if you see this update - you're looking at the brand new thing ;)
I've temporarily emulated the old blogger links for the feeds as well (the emulated links return the Atom feed) but I still recommend updating them to the new ones: Atom and Rss

No, the world isn't going to collapse on itself and explode (or implode? or both?). I'm just finally ready to leave Blogger, and host the blog by myself.

This will include having my own hosted website that will do all the cool bits behind the curtains. Of course it's not all going to be perfect, and the biggest hit will be a new link structure. The new engine will still have a redirect rule for the blogger's page url's, so that I won't lose the Google search ratings (as low as they are, they're still good, right? :) ), but the feed urls are going to change, so you'll have to update them soon!

I know this is long overdue, and I've been kind of ready for it for awhile now, but just didn't have the time and circumstances to do it. Also, pretty much none of the current hosters are ready to host .NET 4 code, so it has been holding me back as well.

You might have noticed that I have a new design here, thanks to Blogger's new templates. It's still not what I really want, but it's a small step forward towards something better. I'll still be hoping that a new design will be made, one that I'll finally be satisfied with, but until then - please bear with what I have so far :D

In terms of the actual website code: with the release of the latest RC of .NET4 I've completely recreated the project in VS, did some code cleanup, improvements using the latest features. Seriously - it's a lot of fun (for me, at least >_> ). I'll most likely do a last overhaul like that after the RTM is out - I'm pretty sure there will be changes and last-minute-changes in the MVC2 code :D

Last note:
The code currently hosts the pages, has atom / rss feed support, and even contains some very basic comment code hidden deep inside (I'm still polishing it, so I'm stuck with DisqUs for the moment). I've also got some basic trackback and page ping support, going to test it out tomorrow :)

Release is almost ready, and I expect to get it live sometime tomorrow (the site might be down for some time, due to DNS updates). I'll drop an update here when it's done!