Friday, 22 January 2010

Blog comments

I guess some of you have noticed the change the comments area on my blog. And to answer your question (if you did wonder in the first place) - yes, it's not a new style or skin. The comments aren't even hosted by Blogger / Google anymore!

I do kind of hate the comment system on blogger. I mean - yeah, it kind of works. But any kind of notifications are disabled by default, and you have to always "follow" posts to know if someone posted a reply to you, and if you forget - you might never know someone did at all!

Worst of all, the comments don't support threading. I mean, come on.. Thousands of websites online have at least some kind of "reply to comment" support. Whether it's just prefixing the comment with the parent comment number, or having full-featured threading with indentation =/

So anyway - I moved the comments to Disqus, but only temporarily. While I'm working on my blog engine (which will have it's own comment system, btw), I don't want to have a big mess in here. Furthermore - I'm getting instant notifications, threading and a moderation panel as well, not mentioning the ability to export all comments, so that I can import them in my system when I'm done :)

And to everyone using blogger, I still suggest: if you're not satisfied with what you have here - move to an external comments system. Whether it's Disqus, Intense Debate, or anything else.