Monday, 28 December 2009

Coming soon: new engine

The main reason I've bought this domain was to build a website of my own, to be able to "promote" what I can do, and just have a good place to experiment, build, plan and learn.

Originally the idea was to have a simple site with a collection of various experiments, addons, code snippets, and have it backed up by this blog. After some pondering and looking around, I realised I wasn't satisfied with blogger at all. Also, I actually wanted to make something... bigger, I suppose

So my current plans are to build a simple (at first) CMS / blog system. It will replace this blog, once it's finished, and will provide me with a good foundation for whatever I'll have in mind. Also, I'll get a chance to build a project on my own terms, with me being able to make all the decisions as I see fit, not restricted by anyone else or any deadlines (except the ones I set for myself).

The plan so far is to use ASP.NET MVC, jQuery and MS SQL. I'm not sure about any time frames yet, as I don't want to rush it, but I know one thing for sure: I'm going to enjoy it :)